Hi, Laura here! I've developed the below routine to provide some guidance in navigating the world of skincare and where everything fits in.

When we don't apply our products in the proper order and in the right way, we can compromise the effects they can have on the skin.

Don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you have any questions about your skincare routine. You can find my details in the contact section of this site.


Cleansers are important as they not only remove make-up and impurities from the surface of our skin, but they prepare the skin for proper product penetration.

When wearing make-up, it can be a good idea to double cleanse. This is the process of cleansing once to wash off the make-up. Once rinsed off, commence your cleanse again to cleanse the skin and pores of impurities that can be left behind.


Physical exfoliation is the topical application of a lotion or gel with small beads that, when massaged around our skin, will lift away dry and dead skin cells.

Physical exfoliation is important as it will not only lift away dead skin to reveal new skin underneath, it can stimulate collagen production and natural oil flow within the skin and prepare our skin for deeper product penetration when applying our toners, masks, serums, moisturisers and oils!


There is a lot of debate around the necessity of a toner, however, toners with botanic extracts, calming properties and essential oils can all have an added benefit to our skin. 

Furthermore, the process of dampening your skin (just enough) prior to further product application assists deeper product penetration.

Advanced toners can also include Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids which are scientifically known to improve skin cell turnover, exfoliate the skin and assist with anti-ageing.


Masks are incorporated into our routine after toners as your toner has prepared your skin for the immediate and intense application of a product designed to effect your skin in a short period of time.

If your mask is a leave-on overnight mask, add this into your routine after your moisturiser or serum.


Serums are multifaceted and should be packed with super ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E and B groups and support and strengthen your skin.

Serums are designed to be of a finer molecular structure to penetrate deeper within the skin.

In addition to feeding your skin with supplements it needs to be healthy, serums work to pull properties from your moisturiser deeper into the skin along with it. This is why it is important that your serum is applied before your moisturiser.

This is where our Beauty Boost Hyaluronic Serum fits into your routine.


Moisturisers are so important to lock moisture into our skin and support the efforts of the products we've applied prior. 

Moisturisers work to both penetrate the skin with beneficial properties and assist our natural protective barrier.

The Moisture Lock Perfecting Gel-Crème is the perfect option.

Facial Oil

This is where our Wonder Glow Revitalising Repair Oil fits into your routine.

Facial oils work to embalm our skin - hence why they are applied after all other products in our routine.

Oils will lock in the products we've applied prior and add a protective layer to the surface of our skin while also supporting our natural protective barrier.

Due to sun exposure, some people prefer to apply facial oils only at night, while others apply during the day due to the harshness of air conditioning and other drying factors on our skin.

For those who apply facial oils during the day, express caution as oils have been referenced as being able to erode the efficacy of sunscreen.


For day application only, sunscreen is applied last as it creates a physical barrier between radiation from the sun and our skin. 

Sun protection is important to prevent photo-ageing - the most common form of ageing, particularly in fair skin types. It is for this reason that we must apply sunscreens with appropriate Sun Protection Factor for our skin.