We are proudly Australian skincare. AURAE SKIN is founded and owned by an Australian, is made in Australia and is available only in Australia. We use Australian ingredients in our products and are proud of the high standard and quality this brings to our skincare.


Our products will always be pure in quality. AURAE SKIN has been designed by an Australian Beauty and Skin Therapist with the highest quality ingredients for your skin in mind. We believe in a balanced approach between cosmeceutical grade ingredients enriched with botanic actives and nourishing oils. Our high quality formulations are uncompromised by premium glass packaging to ensure the quality of the ingredients are never tarnished by harsh chemicals that can otherwise be imparted by plastics.


We believe in the power a touch of luxury has on our well-being and therefore, luxury is one of the most important aspects of AURAE SKIN. Our products are carefully crafted and ingredients perfectly curated so you can immerse yourself in the look, feel, scent, beauty and experience of AURAE SKIN.


The word aurae is the plural of the word 'aura' - a distinctive quality that emanates from a person, thing or place and is an essential part of a living being. AURAE SKIN is about emanating an an aura of beauty, sophistication, and well-being. AURAE SKIN seeks to amplify and radiate your inner beauty and your aura.

AURAE SKIN does not test on animals.


While working back late one night for a large bank, during a brief dinner break a Program Director asked me “if you could do or be anything, what would it be?”, this wasn’t a pep talk, inspirational or motivational moment - I think they were genuinely pondering their own path in life and where it had led them - ...working back late for a bank (for the third time that week). I lit up and said “In another life, I think I would have loved to be a Beauty Therapist or owned my own day spa”.
Well, if you know someone who has more than one guaranteed life - I’d like to meet them. Because one thing is for sure, I don’t know that I do!
I mentioned this conversation to my partner not long after (clearly, this simple question struck deeper than I’d initially thought). His response was equally simple: “well, why don’t you?”. I didn’t really have an answer.
Less than a month later I had formally enrolled myself in Beauty School - 3 nights a week after work and 9-5 every Saturday for the next year and a half. I enjoyed every minute of it - but in particular, I fell in love with skin therapies and consultations. I loved learning about all aspects of the skin and skincare, how to treat certain concerns, learning from women and men who would come into the Clinic for treatments every week - each with their own unique skin - yet, similar skin concerns.
As part of an excursion, we were taken to a skincare manufacturer. My eyes were opened to the potential before me: serums, gels, moisturisers, masks, oils, aromatherapy, soaps, raw ingredients - the list was endless. This is what I wanted to do. We were escorted through the manufacturing process with hair nets, aprons and gloves - seeing all the silky-white creams and lotions being churned and poured. All the recommended ingredients and beneficial properties I’d learnt about to help aid the various skin concerns people face were all there.
I later found myself assessing the ingredients of my own skincare purchases and then moving onto the shelves of various retail stores - it just didn’t seem like these companies truly had the best interests of their consumers in mind. There were so many unnecessary ingredients that simply posed no benefit to the customer.
Having been so passionate about skin and helping others with their concerns, it just felt like people didn’t have a quality option. I had completely stopped purchasing skincare from other companies and started making my own skincare for myself. At least I knew that the ingredients in my skincare were of a high quality and actually posed a great benefit to my skin. I’m not so sure the companies I’d ditched were able to make the same claim.
I am now a certified Beauty Therapist and Skin LASER and IPL Technician. My passion for skincare and helping others has only grown from here.
Skincare isn’t about vanity for me. Skincare is about a holistic approach to well-being. Our skin can have a large impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we think we’re perceived in this world. Aurae Skin is about making a difference to how people feel in their own skin, helping others emanate their own beauty without compromising on quality ingredients.
I now look forward to adding more quality, skin-loving products to the Aurae Skin range and I can’t wait to share them with you.