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Spring Skincare Tips

The change in seasons is a perfect reminder to check-in on your skin care routine and your overall skin health. Aurae Skin lists the top tips for spring skin care.

Change your pillow case

We should be changing our pillow cases regularly, however if you haven't had the reminder, make sure you're actively swapping out your pillow case for a fresh one at least weekly. If you're having problems with skin breakouts, try changing your pillow case daily to see if this promotes an improvement in your skin.

Pillow cases can harbor a variety of bacteria that we wouldn't want to be planting our faces on if only we knew or could see. It's easy for dead skin cells, sweat, oil, among other things to be transferred from our face onto our pillow on a nightly basis. Changing your pillow cases, and using spring as the reminder to do this regularly, can help improve the overall health of your skin by keeping it clean and free from unnecessary bacteria.

Check your product expiry dates

Skincare products expire - it's true. Make sure you check the expiry date of your products and throw away any products that have been exposed to the air for a period of time (we've all left the lid off a few products, haven't we?).

The reality is that skincare products are perishable! They can succumb to mold and bacteria and this can be transferred onto our skin - causing all sorts of issues for us. Therefore, it is important to take stock of your products and throw away anything 12+ months old, or any products that have been exposed to the air for a lingering amount of time.

Keeping your skincare products in a cool, dark and dry place is the best option for preserving your skincare product and its ingredients. Now, it is true that skincare products should be exposed to rigorous testing to ensure products do not expire or turn rancid prior to the recommended dates on the label - regardless of temperature outside. However, formulas can very ever so slightly batch to batch, so it doesn't hurt to take heed to this advice. 

...and don't forget to keep your lids firmly on your products!

Increase hydration

A change of seasons means our skin will need to adapt and it can sometimes suffer with a lack of hydration. There is this little thing called trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) - which is the evaporation of water (hydration) from your skin.

Give extra focus to application of hydrating products (the Beauty Boost Hyaluronic Serum is a great hydrator!). Lock in hydration with a supportive moisturiser and an oil. Oils will help to create a formidable barrier to prevent TEWL.

Keep a bottle of water close-by during the day and keep sipping away. Hydration helps cellular health throughout the body. Water will help hydrate cells and eliminate toxins - helping out skin appear bright and healthy.

Exfoliate away dry skin

Exfoliation is key to enabling better product absorption. You spend your hard earned money on your skincare products - don't let them go to waste. Exfoliate away dull skin and help your products get into your skin's deeper layers.

Exfoliation will also assist in making your skin appear brighter and help even-out skin tone. Exfoliation 1-2 times per week can help your overall skin health by encouraging a healthy skin cell turnover. 

Dead and dull skin cells that linger on the surface can help trap dirt and environmental impurities. Exfoliating regularly will help to remove any trapped dirt and bacteria to reveal clean skin. 

Start healthy habits

The promise of warmer weather is bound to get us into a better mood and with that, hope for adoption of healthier habits!

Get up earlier and get active. Blood circulation is beneficial to pump our skin with all the nutrients and oxygen to get your skin glowing! Remove excess processed sugar from your diet and swap them out for healthier snacks.

If you don't have one yet, start a proper skincare routine with all the right trimmings for your skin. Follow the guide (here), or see a skin professional to nail your skin type and skin concerns and follow a treatment plan accordingly.

A lighter skincare routine

Heavier skincare products can be a bit much during warmer months. Spring's a great time to try a lighter moisturiser as we transition to the summer months. Find out what your skin likes or doesn't like.

This transitional period may include a lighter cleanser, a serum, a gel moisturiser to name a few.

Keep your skincare products cool

Try keeping your skincare products in the fridge. Not only can it assist with product efficacy and ingredient preservation, but you might just like the feeling of a cool moisturiser after a warm (or cold!) shower as the days heat up.

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