Spring Skin | It's time to change-up your routine

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The key when transitioning to spring skin is to simply 'lighten up'. We move away from heavy moisturisers and facial oils to serums and light-er moisturisers.

The key change in our skin will come from increased oil production, larger pores, and increased sun exposure.


It is to be expected that our skin may get a little patchy as our skin tries to adapt to the seasonal change. To shed the patchy layers of skin, we should be exfoliating. Furthermore, as oil production is increased in the warmer months, pores open a little more and dirt and toxins can block pores. Exfoliation will assist with unblocking pores.


As oil production is increased and our pores open, we can use a toner to help get excess oil production under control. Oil is not our skin's enemy, but too much oil production can become troublesome. 


Serum's are heroic during the warmer months. For those with a heavy oil base, a simple serum may be the only moisturising agent you need. For others, teaming a serum with a light moisturiser will provide the perfect balance.


We need to be swapping-out our heavier moisturiser for a lighter moisturiser that sits lightly on the skin. The increased oil production will make-up for the oil that lacks in a lighter moisturiser.


Opt for a sunscreen separate to your moisturiser to ensure you're getting maximum UV protection from the sun. 

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