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100% Auatralian Owned. 100% Made in Australia. Klarna & Afterpay available.
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If you’ve ever been confused about how to layer your skincare products, read on...

1. CleanserFirst thing’s, first! The primary objective when cleansing is to achieve a clean base. We should be cleansing morning and night. In the instance we wear make-up or sunscren, we should cleanse twice – once to remove the make-up/sunscreen and a second time to cleanse the skin of impurities left behind. (Tip: cleansing twice with a gentle cleanser is more effective and gentle on our skin than using one harsh cleanser).
2. Exfoliant - Something I know a lot of people are guilty of is not exfoliating enough (or not even owning an exfoliant). If you’re just starting out, a gentle exfoliant should be sufficient. By default, we should be exfoliating between once to twice a week – but please, listen to your skin – if once is enough, stop there! You will begin to notice if your skin starts drying or breaking out unnecessarily.
3. Toner - Toners work to remove excess dirt and oil, tighten-up pores, brighten the skin and prep for product penetration. If you suffer from dry skin, you may wish to skip this step as to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils that help to nourish and rejuvenate.
4. Face Mask - Depending on our skin’s needs and skin type, the type of face mask we require will differ from person to person. A face mask is recommended for use between once to twice a week. (if using a leave-on/overnight mask - swap steps 4 and 5).
5. Serum - Serum’s are the booster in your skin care routine. Serums are made of a finer molecular structure and therefore have the ability to penetrate deeper within the skin. Using a serum before your moisturiser will boost the efficacy of your moisturiser by dragging the moisturiser deeper into the skin. Serum’s are somewhat the hero in your routine (oh, hello AURAE SKIN Beauty Boost Hyaluronic Serum).
6. Eye Cream - Eye creams are made-up of a different molecular structure to that of our face creams - this is to prevent penetration into the deeper depths of the skin that simply aren’t present around our eyes. Eye creams are essential for such a delicate area to ward off easily created fine lines and wrinkles - while lightening, tightening and brightening!
7. Moisturiser - Uh, a total must! This long standing staple is our front-line defence against most skin concerns and should never be neglected. Moisturiser aims to protect and hydrate the skin. Our skin is a living organ - from the time we are born our skin requires nourishing and protection, so moisturiser (in some form) is a requirement at any age (and not just on the face).
8. Face Oil - The function of a face oil is to provide an embalming and protective effect to your skin's natural barrier. Face oils are perfect for people with dry and dehydrated skin, in addition to those with more mature skin - where oils can continue to help nourish and protect. 
9. Sunscreen - Provided your sunscreen is a physical (not chemical) sunscreen, we place this last on our skin - because sunscreen is exactly that – a sun-screen. We want to place sunscreen last in the skin care routine as to not prevent the wonderful work of our toners, serum’s and moisturisers from penetrating the skin while ensuring that the sunscreen blocks out the sun. In order to prevent both UVA and UVB damage, we need to ensure we opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an appropriate Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for our skin type.

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