100% Auatralian Owned. 100% Made in Australia. Klarna & Afterpay available.
100% Auatralian Owned. 100% Made in Australia. Klarna & Afterpay available.
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Honey has long been known for its natural beauty and skincare benefits and has been used as a natural remedy for skin for years, the world over. Honey is used in our Beauty Boost Hyaluronic Serum, and here's why:

1. Breakouts:

The natural antibacterial properties in honey make it great for the treatment and prevention of breakouts.

2. Ageing:

Honey is packed with antioxidants which help to reduce and slow the signs of ageing.

3. Pore control:

The gentleness of honey helps to open up pores so they are easily unclogged - helping to prevent blocked pores.

4. Complexion Booster:

Honey is both moisturising, soothing and healing - these benefits help to generate a natural glow in the skin.

5. Cleansing:

Honey can gently help to remove dirt and impurities from the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

6. Texture:

Honey's natural enzymes may assist to refine the skin's texture.

7. Gentle:

The natural and soothing nature of honey makes it great for sensitive, eczema and rosacea skin types.

8. Balancing:

Honey is known to help balance the skin, promoting healthy skin tone and texture, preventing free radicals, bacteria and other harmful properties while keeping the skin's natural defence mechanisms intact.

With such amazing natural benefits, including honey in your skincare is easy. Buy our Beauty Boost Hyaluronic Serum here!

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